Frederik Mallmann-Trenn

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at King's College London.  Previously, I did a postdoc at MIT with Nancy Lynch. At King's, I'm the head of the group Algorithms and Data Analysis and I direct the Random Lab focusing on understanding stochastic processes that surround us in our daily lives.

e-mail: <full name as above with a dot after the first name>        

Office Hours: Monday 16:00 - 17:00 (send email before)

Research Interests:  Sparsification of neural networks, Stochastic processes, biological distributed computing, theory of NNs, brain, computing with noise.



Academic Career: 

(Joint-)PhD from École normale supérieure (with Claire Mathieu) and Simon Fraser University (with Petra Berenbrink)  [PhD Thesis

Postdoc at MIT with Nancy Lynch

Program Committees: BDA 2024 (co-chair), Sirocco 2024, BDA 2023 (co-chair), UAI 2022, UAI 2021, AAAI 2020, Sirocco 2020, BDA 2020, UAI 2019

Grants: EPSRC New Investigator Award 01/22 - 01/25


Team / Random Lab Members


See here if you are interested in doing a funded PhD under my supervision.

Prospective Students


Prospective PhD Students: 

Project 1: Multi-agent systems to treat cancer – towards nanorobotics

Project 2: Detecting fAIke news 

Publications / Lay summary

Lay summary of some of my research:

Publications [last updated May 22] see dblp or Google Scholar for an up-to-date version

AISTATS 2022 (to appear), talk (use Chrome) 

PODC 2022 (to appear)

ICRA 2022, T-RO (to appear)


Neural Networks, Arxiv, Interview with Grainstone Lee 

Neurips 20

ICRA 20,  Talk (ICRA 20)

arXiv (SPAA 20) , Talk at BDA 

arXiv  (IWOCA 20)

SODA 20, arXiv (full version), Slides, Talk (Video)

              PODC 19, Talk

BDA 19, Talk

arXiv, BDA 19, Talk

JACM (merge of two papers), Talk

ICALP, arXiv, Talk

arXiv, TalkSODA 19

NeurIPS 18

ICALP 18, arXiv, Talk

SODA 18, arXiv, Talk, (see superseding JACM version) 

NIPS 17, Poster

 PODC 17, arXiv

DISC 2017, BA at PODC 2016, arXiv, Talk

ICALP 2016, arXiv, Master’s Thesis SFU, Talk

Algorithmica, PODC 2016, arXiv, Talk

ESA 2016, arXiv, Talk

SODA 2016, Talk

MFCS 2016, BA at DISC 2015, arXiv

PODC 2015, arXiv, Talk, (to appear in TALG)

JPDC, IPDPS 2015, Talk

STACS 2014, arXiv (newer), Talk


Information Processing Letters


BA at PODC 2016, arXiv, Talk